Welcome to the world from your parents, grandparents...

beautiful in the world completely ordinary things
who own hands and created their own skill
for themselves, for loved ones
or simply to secure their livelihoods and their descendants.

Mostly all the old impression on us a special line,
ancient and history time line,
but also amazing mastery
which can be admired at every moment and every time.
Surely each of you own something nice from years past,
what is it extremely valuable,
be as a family ancestral property.

But often happens that we get to something,
What possessed people to whom we did not bond in life
so we offer the option to purchase, such an object
which is a reminder of something you do not like to remember
the usual price, or symbolic price.

But when looking for something nice, or something special,
Take a moment to review our offer
and maybe make some really find anything here,
what will remind you of moment of,
that meant something to you, exceptionally beautiful
or will the memory of someone who was close to you .... 



Thank you Em

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